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Globetrotting Honeymooners opt for Mini-Moons

When dreaming of wedding day bliss, many young brides will imagine throwing their bouquet into a crowd of friends, and then whisking the new husband to the airport to start their honeymoon. However, modern couples are apparently breaking with the tradition of previous generations, by taking a ‘mini-moon’ straight after their wedding and then embarking on their main honeymoon later.


According to recent research by, a quarter of Brits choose a mini-moon to recover from wedding stress, and then save up for their main honeymoon later. This allows cash strapped Brits to still have time away together, whilst leaving the added pressure of planning and saving for a honeymoon until after the wedding.
These mini-moons are extremely popular in the UK, as couples choose to explore what their own country has to offer, as opposed to heading to Europe or further afield, which they will probably save for their actual honeymoon. The UK can offer some fantastic romantic spots, whether you want to unwind on a beach, take in some culture, or take part in some adrenaline pumping activities.
The research found that the most popular Mini-Moon and Honeymoon destinations included;
• UK


• The Caribbean

• Greece

• Italy

• The Maldives

• Portugal

• South Africa

• Mexico

• Thailand
Whether you’re planning a honeymoon abroad or a mini-moon in the UK, it’s important that you invest in travel insurance to protect yourself, your possessions and your trip. Travel insurance can protect trips from 3 days in the UK up to 18 months worldwide, and can protect you against any expensive holiday disasters. For more information, visit

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