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Goodbye Britain hello Australia

At one point or another, many of us have probably daydreamed or talked about moving abroad. Most likely on a horrible cold and rainy day when we would do anything for a bit of sunshine! However, according to a recent poll many Brits are take the plunge and moving half way around the world to start a new life in Australia. In fact, the poll found that one in ten of Brisbane’s population are ‘Pommies’ from the UK.

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When thinking of Australia, many people will think about Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kangaroos, fabulous sunshine, cricket and surfing, and when making the move it would seem that Brits are most tempted by life on the East Coast of Brisbane.
One of the reasons the participants listed for moving to Oz was the private education system, which offers a fantastic education for children at a fraction of the UK costs. Parents also explained wanting to raise their children in the laid back Ozzie style of sun, sky and surf.
In fact, many Brits have moved down under on a 6 month visa, and have loved it so much that they have extended their visa and have never looked back! Why would you not want to wake up every day in a warm country where the pace of life is slower, children play outside their homes safely, the skies are blue and the beaches are beautiful.
After the credit crunch it has appealed to many families struggling to make ends meet in the UK. For the price of a small house in the UK, you could buy a detached property with your own double garage, land and a pool. It all seems a no brainer, but of course there are always little things you could miss, like real ale, the rat race, traffic jams and rain??? Or maybe not !!
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