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Have Fun, Be Safe

‘Have fun, be safe’, ‘be careful’ and ‘watch how you go’ – phrases we’ve all probably heard at one point or another from family and friends when setting off for a trip abroad, however it is great advice.

We all need to be careful when travelling abroad, not necessarily because the country is more dangerous than the UK, but simply because we need to be more aware of new and different environments, especially when we are in a relaxed holiday state.

Here are our top tips for staying safe on your holidays this summer;

· Make sure your phone has enough credit for your entire trip, and also that you can accept incoming calls and send text messages abroad. Keep your phone charged to make sure you can contact someone in an emergency.

· Remember that measures of alcohol are larger abroad, and will have a stronger effect in hotter climates and especially if you’re dehydrated. To avoid illness and injury, watch what you drink.

· Taking drugs abroad, even if they are legal in your destination, is never advised.

. To avoid pickpockets and thefts, using a ‘fanny pack’ is much safer than a handbag or storing important items in your pockets. Try to keep your possessions in a locked safe or locked away securely in your room, and when you go out make sure you  leave the TV or radio on queitly and put a do not disturb sign on the door.

· Always carry a photocopy of your passport and any prescriptions you take, to make sure you have a backup if anything goes missing.

· Always practice safe sex and carry condoms.

· Use sun screen and make sure you top it up every few hours, take regular breaks in the shade and stay hydrated.

· Check local laws and customs before you travel to avoid any difficult situations, for example in some countries you must carry your passport at all times, otherwise you’re breaking the law.

· Trust your instincts, if you feel that a place is unsafe or making you uncomfortable then go somewhere else, try to stick with other travellers, especially at night.

· Be prepared! Make sure you know the local emergency services number and where you can get help before you depart, carry an EHIC when visiting EU countries and always invest in quality travel insurance.

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