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Hen Parties

Hen Parties…..come on girls take it seriously

Getting married? Got the ring? Booked your dates? Contemplated throwing venue brochures at or indeed down the throat of your soon to be mother-in-law, mother, sister, friend or anyone else who even mentions your wedding?

Planning a wedding is considered one of the most stress generating events you will encounter in your life and no wonder there’s so much to do. There’s the wedding itself, including venue, transport, dress (will it still fit???) hair, make-up, bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaid gifts, cake, flowers, food (taking into account veggies, vegans, fruitarians, yeast intolerant, dairy etc…), drinks, chair covers, favors, disco, speeches, who to invite, who not to invite, table plans (with up to date info on who likes who) and of making sure the groom knows when it is!

You have planned it all, sorted out all the fine details, and what on earth has your groom done? Picked his suit up, put the date in his diary and got time off work.
On the theory that your only getting married the once, you deserve a reward for all your hard work planning the wedding of the century to put Wayne and Coleen to shame!

You may be surprised to learn that grooms-to-be are spending nearly £200 a head on lengthy stag parties abroad, despite the financial gloom, while their brides-to-be are cutting back???
According to research 74 per cent of men hold pre-wedding celebrations lasting more than one day, and 32 per cent hold them abroad. In comparison two thirds of hen parties now last just one day, costing £118 a head and by huge contrast, only 4 per cent of brides plan to celebrate outside of the UK.

So ladies, it’s your hen party, why should you compromise? There are fantastic cheap deals to be had for what could be a final holiday/weekend with the girls.
Let the world be your oyster!

New York
For those with cash to splash why not head a little further from home to New York is a fantastic holiday destination. Think glam and go for a Sex and the City style holiday, enjoy a few days of shopping, exploring and hitting the best bars in town. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance especially in the states where medical bills can often exceed the value of your house (which means less money to spend on shoes!)

For more of a short break, cheap deal, get yourself on the Eurostar and head to Paris the fashion capital of the world. Accommodation is plentiful and can be very cheap, so won’t break the bank. Have champagne at the top of the Eiffel tower, stroll around the Louvre, enjoy some seriously naughty food and shop Paris style.

Considered one of the top 10 hen destinations in the world. A super-cool city for you and your friends to enjoy. Everyone’s a winner with eight kilometres of sandy beaches for the sun lovers, late opening bars for the drinkers and great shopping for all!

The ultimate party destination! Not too far from home, cheap flights and holiday deals can be easily found. Pack your heels, bikini, some adventurous clothes, plenty of painkillers and head to the clubbers’ paradise of San Antonio where you will find world class DJ’s and some of the best night clubs in history! There are quieter areas of the island ideal for recovering from mad partying including Ibiza Town oozing with style and glamour with fashion boutiques all over, a marina holding an array of super pricey yachts (& their owners if you have time to change the name of your groom!) and of course plenty of beaches to get the ultimate pre-wedding tan.

Las Vegas
Sin City is not just for the boys! The entertainment capital of the world famous for gambling, shopping and fine dining. Ladies can expect to be overwhelmed by the shopping possibilities ranging from super bargains in the discount malls to high class designer goods. Las Vegas has 15 of the world’s biggest hotels each boasting their own shopping malls, restaurants, bars, clubs and theatres producing some of the best shows in the world. Get dressed up and head out to 15 of the 20 biggest hotels in the world where films such as Oceans 11, 12 & 13, Leaving Las Vegas, The Hangover, The Godfather and James Bond have been set. You will feel like you’re in a glamorous film as you shop, dine, drink and saunter through bustling casinos like a star where once stepped Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, The Ratpack and more recently Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, Pamela Anderson, Madonna and like her or loathe her Katie Reid/Price/Andre aka Jordan!

So if you decide that you do deserve a reward for all your hard work wedding planning then have a chat with your girlies, work out budgets, time of year etc… and get on the web to search around for the best deals. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance, where there are definitely deals to be had, Holidaysafe offers competitive travel insurance where you can choose different levels of cover depending on your requirements, cover starts from as little as £3.00 and takes that less than 5 minutes to get a quote.

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