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Holiday Bookings on the Rise

For the last few years the UK has been in the grip of recession, with job cuts, unemployment and wage freezes all affecting our household incomes. However, throughout that time we Brits proved our dedication to relaxation, adventure and sun worshipping, by maintaining at least one yearly holiday if at all possible.

In fact, one consumer study found that nearly 30% of people who said they were struggling financially, still managed to save for a yearly holiday, whether that was in the UK or further afield.

Now, as the winter months seem to be fading into spring, and financial uncertainty seems to be decreasing, it seems that more of us are treating ourselves to trips away. According to several different studies, experts are predicting a steady rise in the number of holidays we take over the next five years, with over 100 million trips expected to take place in 2017 (in the UK, Europe and World Wide).

It would seem that British consumers have become extremely savings savvy over the last few years, with many deciding to book all the pieces of their holiday separately, rather than through a travel agent, to ensure they get the best value possible.

However, this does not mean that the ‘package holiday’ is dead, and actually travel agents were offering some fantastic deals at the start of the year. Apparently, people with higher incomes and children are more likely to book package holidays.

If you’re planning a budget friendly summer holiday, or a weekend away somewhere to escape the rain, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance, to protect you and your savings against a potentially expensive holiday disaster. Visit for more information.

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