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Holiday Cancellation Cover

Travel Insurance is usually always thought about in terms of having cover should something go wrong when you are on your trip. This can be further reduced to most people just thinking about the costs of medical treatment abroad.

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An often underestimated element of cover that travel insurance policies offer is holiday cancellation cover. Cancellation cover is the element of the policy which covers you before your trip against financial loss as a result of not being able to travel.

Examples of this include:

What can you do?

Whilst not the most pleasant of things to have to think about, failure to have holiday cancellation cover in place could result in you losing all or some of your holiday costs that you have paid out, or have committed contractually to pay. We are often asked when people should buy their policy and have cancellation cover in place. The easy answer is as soon as you have paid any monies towards the cost of your trip. The policy will then be in place all the way until your planned travel dates.

As with all travel insurance products, there are terms and conditions that apply and you must read the policy wording. The most relevant will be relating to pre-existing medical conditions that you or your travelling companions may have. These must always be declared to the insurance company, as failure to do so may result in your policy not paying out in the event of a claim.

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