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Holiday delays

There is nothing more frustrating than being delayed at the airport either on you way to your holiday, or on the way back.
In the past there was no means of obtaining compensation from the airline concerned, but recent legislation from the European Parliament means that the airline is now legally bound to provide one, or all, of the following ; refreshments, over night accommodation, refunds and compensation.

These new rules cover all charter flights, scheduled flights and low cost budget airlines. The criteria for claiming compensation is that the flight must be departing from an EU airport or flying into the EU on an EU airline.
Passengers who are delayed on a short-haul flight for more than 2 hours, on a mid-range flight for 3 hours or more and on a long-haul flight for 4 hours or more are entitled to complimentary refreshments

If the delay is excessive then passengers are also entitled to overnight accommodation, including a transfer to the hotel free of charge, or the airline must find alternative transport for the passengers to reach their final destination.
However, within the regulations there is provision which allows the airline to avoid liability if the reason for the delay or cancellation is outside of the airline’s control e.g. adverse weather conditions, industrial action by airline staff or Air Traffic Control delays.

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance provides cover in these circumstances – if you have checked in for your flight, and it is delayed for more than 12 hours you can claim £20 per person towards the cost of refreshments.

If the airline subsequently cancels your flight they must refund you’re the cost of your ticket, and in some circumstances they must also pay you a fixed rate of compensation depending on the length of the flight.

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance will also provide cover if, after 24 hours delay and provided the airline has not already offered to refund your ticket or re-schedule your flight, you decide to cancel your trip.

You can buy single trip travel insurance for as little as £14.36 (For a duration of 15 days travelling to Europe excluding Spain,) with a cancellation cover limit of up to £7,500 with no excess to pay.

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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