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Holiday Prices Slashed

As the cold weather grips the UK, many people are already searching for holiday deals and summer getaways. The good news is experts are predicting that holidays in 2015 could be half the cost of prices last year!

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The prediction stems from the drop in some holiday costs which have already been seen, and also because of the strength of the pound over other currencies, falling oil prices which will reduce air fares, and the Government’s decision to scrap air passenger duty for kids.
These factors will not only affect summer holiday prices for couples, families and groups, but even half term trips – a welcome relief for parents and grandparents desperate for a family holiday.
If you’re day dreaming about escaping the cold weather, either with your friends, spouse, grandchildren or extended family, experts have listed the ‘top picks’ below as some of the most affordable destination to consider in 2015;
• Florida

• Malta

• Portugal

• Spain

• Tunisia
Furthermore, half price flights can be found to the following destinations;
• Berlin

• Corfu

• Dubai

• Majorca

• Marrakech

• Mexico

• Mumbai

• Rhodes

• Sri Lanka
If you’re ready to start investigating bargains and booking holidays, just make sure you do plenty of research before you decide anything. Start by looking at destinations – are you happy to go anywhere with sunshine? Or would you prefer a short haul flight? Once you’ve decided you can begin researching package deals though holiday companies vs. self-booked holidays (E.g. your own combination of flights and accommodation.)
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