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Holidays are a neccessity

In the current economic climate, many people are cutting back on luxuries, saving their money for necessities only. However, interestingly most Brits count their yearly holiday as a necessity, not a luxury to be cut from the budget. A recent survey by YouGov revealed that the majority of people questioned said that they were still planning to take their yearly holiday, and an amazing 65% would not go without their five day minimum break.

When the participants were questioned about the current financial climate, the survey found that 32% were aware of economic issues; however, they were still planning to take a trip. On the other hand only 18% were delaying booking their holiday until closer to the time – to see if the financial climate improved.

Overall 49% of people asked were planning at least one holiday abroad, while 29% were planning to remain in the UK for their break.

YouGov’s findings have yielded exactly the same results as last year, proving that people need their break no matter where or how long, and that time to relax and unwind is now a necessity for the modern stressed out Brit.

Every day we are surrounded by negative news; the failing economy, rising house prices, unruly teenagers, job cuts – etc. We need to escape to our happy place, to give us time to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.

Once you have scrimped and saved to afford your family holiday, it is extremely important that your protect your investment and funds by investing in travel insurance. Without travel insurance you could find yourself vulnerable to potentially huge bills if you have a holiday disaster during your trip, for example if you have to cancel unexpectedly, without insurance you could lose all of your pre-paid costs. Furthermore, if you need emergency medical treatment, this can also be extremely costly – or what if your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged?

Make sure you, your holiday and your bank account are fully protected during your holiday this year by visiting Holidaysafe’s inexpensive and award winning travel insurance will protect you and your loved ones from any nasty and costly surprises whilst on holiday. Holidaysafe has UK, Europe and World Wide options available, and kids are insured for free under our family policy!

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