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Hostel vs. Hotel

The World Youth Student and Education Travel Confederation (WYSE) are constantly conducting research into the travel habits of students, and have recently released a new report which outlines the latest trends for young travelers.

When most people think of backpackers, they imagine budget travelers who hop from hostel to hostel around the world, and according to the research at least part of that account is correct. The study found that hostels are the most popular form of accommodation among students, because they are more tailored to young travelers than hotels.

On the other hand, despite raising tuition fees the amount of money students are spending abroad has risen by 40% since 2007! Proving that backpackers aren’t afraid to save for their dream trips and then make the most of their time abroad.

Student travelers are actually very sensible, with the number of people travelling purely for a holiday falling dramatically; instead they seem to be opting for volunteer programs and internships, to boost their CVs and world experience. Students are also very aware of the potential dangers involved in travelling abroad, with 24% admitting that a fear of crime would affect their travel plans (a 10% rise since 2007).

Unsurprisingly the survey also found that gadgets and the internet are becoming more and more important to young travelers, as a way to capture their memories, keep in touch with loved ones at home, and keep themselves entertained during long journeys.

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