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The majority of travelers have very simple requests when it comes to their holiday; they would like no delays at the airport, the hotel to look like the pictures in the brochure, and for the weather to be perfect. However, according to one travel agent, some holidaymakers actually have some rather peculiar demands during their travels.

call_centre has recently revealed their weirdest and most wonderful customer requests, which include;
• A gentleman who demanded that an entertainer be fired for flirting with his Girlfriend.
• One memorable customer who called three times to urgently enquire if his hotel offered a certain service – the less said about this the better!
• Another more romantic customer requested the phone number of a lady he met on holiday; despite the fact he couldn’t remember when or where he had met her.
• A particular customer was so repulsed that the curtains in his hotel room clashed with the bedding that he demanded they were instantly changed.
• One customer who had been horse riding as part of their trip, asked for one specific horse to be sacked, because it had left them with a sore bottom.
• One naughty traveler asked for a code name to be used on all his travel documents because his lady companion was not his wife.
• And finally a green fingered customer asked if they offered a plant sitting package.
Whether you’re planning a relaxing break or a diva style holiday full of demands, just remember to book your holiday with a reputable and ABTA or ATOL registered company. For more information on avoiding holiday disaster, head to

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