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How much Money do you Spend Abroad?

We all look forward to holidays abroad, whether you’re travelling in search of adventure, culture or simply a bit of sunshine, we all spend months planning and saving for our trips. Yet, many of us fail to stick to our carefully saved holiday budgets, and end up spending extra funds on food, drink, activities and souvenirs.

However, according to statistics and research by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), we’re not alone in our overspending, in fact the UK came fourth in the list of biggest tourism spenders.

Piggy Bank

China took first place, because 83,000,000 Chinese tourists spent a huge $102 billion around the world last year. Other countries which made a big jump up the list included Russia and Brazil.

Interestingly, France and Italy were the only countries in the top 10 to see a decline in tourism spending.

The top 10 spenders included the following countries;

• China

• Germany


• UK

• Russia

• Canada

• Australia

• Japan

• France

• Italy

If you’re planning a trip abroad this year, here are some budget friendly tips to keep your spending habits under control;

Be realistic – if you set really low budgets for your trip you will be setting yourself up for failure. Do some research into how much everyday things cost in your chosen location.

Remember currency exchange – remember that some countries will offer a great exchange rate against the pound, and others won’t. Don’t forget to factor his into your budgeting.

Why are you going? – think about why you’re going on the trip, if you want adventure then make sure you budget for tours, day trips and activities. If you’re planning to worship the sun, then make sure you’ve budgeted for lunch by the beach, sun loungers, ice creams etc.

Souvenirs – many people fall down on souvenir shopping, you don’t need to bring back a present for everyone you know! Shop at local stores and markets for authentic souvenirs, the places aimed at tourists are usually very expensive, plus by buying local products you will be helping the local economy.

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