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How Old?

As many of us are now making sure we regularly exercise, drink plenty of water and eat our five a day. Its not surprising the average life expectancy has increased,

In the UK the average life expectancy has risen to an average of 77 years for a man and 80 years for a woman, Females are expected to live slightly longer ,but the gap is closing in,research says this is down to a better lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise.The public health sector has also helped with improved medicines, better living conditions, and efforts to stop disease.
Over the past 170 years, in the countries with the highest life expectancies, the average life span has grown at a rate of 2.5 years per decade, or about 6 hours per day.

Here are 20 ways to help you live longer:
Move to France
Sleep less
Be happy in your relationship
Walk, run, Jump
Live in the country
Watch your weight
Have lots of children
learn to play the piano
Always look on the brightside
Never smoke again
Get on with your mother
Keep taking exams
Enjoy Chocolate
Join a club
Enjoy a cuppa
Have a healthy diet
Get a dog

So with all the extra years , comes many more years to take a holiday, whether it be a cruise, two weeks laying by a pool or a sightseeing holiday, always remember to buy travel insurance please visit holidaysafe for over 65 travel insurance

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