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How to prepare yourself and your Kids for their Gap Year

According to the Association of British Travel Agents, while many youngsters headed off to University or College in September to continue their studies, over 25,000 people chose to take a gap year instead, either deferring their studies for another year, or taking a break from studying before jumping onto the career ladder.

Couple Leaving for Vacation with Train

While many young people would jump at the chance to go travelling, their parents may have mixed emotions about their child leaving the nest to travel the globe. To help these concerned parents and adventurous travellers, ‘This is Money’ created a handy checklist to hopefully ensure a problem free gap year.
Their tips included;



Make sure your child realises the costs involved in a Longstay trip, including living expenses and pre-travel necessities. Make a list of everything they need and will need, to ensure they have enough money saved up (and a realistic idea of their weekly or monthly trip budget) to make the trip a reality and a success. Remember that things like visas, vaccinations and activities will create extra costs.
We would also suggest the following;



Make sure your child books their trip through a reputable firm, to ensure their deposits are safe before the trip, and that they will be safe during the trip.



If your child is travelling with friends, make sure you talk to their parents, so you are all on the same page about costs, staying in touch and supporting each other through the absence! If your kid has chosen to travel solo, make sure they start talking to people who may be doing the same volunteering programme or travelling on the same trip, to make sure they know some people before they depart (otherwise the homesickness may be too much for your to bear!)


The Boring Essentials

While your child may be getting excited about the trip, it is your job to remember the boring essentials, like travel insurance, vaccinations, passports and visas. Make sure your kid gets all required in the right time frame; otherwise the trip could stay a pipe dream.

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