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How to stick to a holiday budget

A recent report from the Post Office has revealed that over 50% of British tourists break their budget whilst on holiday. In the current economic climate everyone is keeping a closer eye on their expenditure; however this seems to end the second we arrive at our holiday destination.

Key areas where tourists over spend include;

· Food (by over £70)
· Drinks (by over £70)
· Sightseeing (by over £70)
· Theme Parks (by over £60)
· Souvenirs (by over £70)
· Charges when converting money and bad exchange rates (nearly £15 on average)
· And supermarket shopping (by over £60).

It is important to make a realistic budget for your holiday and then stick to it. The most important factor is to research properly and not to leave everything until the last minute, for
example research the best currency exchange rates in advance instead of settling for whatever you can get at the airport an hour before your flight. However the research found that over 1.6 million people do just that.

Furthermore, budget for food and drink appropriately, so you can enjoy yourself without blowing the budget, and do not be tempted by souvenirs that will probably end up in the bin. However, one vital thing you cannot cut from your budget is quality travel insurance.

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