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How to Utilize the Last Month of the Summer Holidays

August is now upon us, and for many it marks the last month of the school or university summer holidays. Although summer is predominantly a time to relax after exams and prepare for the next year’s challenges, it can also be used to massively improve your CV or personal statement.

During this final month, you could;

. Go Travelling – travelling and broadening your horizons is an amazing way to show your personality and skill set through a CV or personal statement. It shows that you are brave, curious and interesting. It is also a great topic to discuss in interviews.

. Get some work experience – many companies have summer programmes for people who want a
few weeks work experience in their industry. If you are unsure of what career path to follow or what course to do at University, work experience is a great way to test the water.

. Do some charity work – working for a charity is a great way to give something back to your community or a project close to your heart. Again it is also a great way to show your personality through any job application, and sets you apart from most other young adults. You could work with young children or help the homeless, at home or abroad, the possibilities are endless.

If you decide to spend August abroad, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before you depart. Holidaysafe have insurance to suit any holiday or budget, whether you are holidaying with friends, volunteering or travelling, we have a policy which is perfect for you.

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