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Ice Cream Sales Rocket as more opt for Staycations

According to recent research by Unilever, our craving for Ice Cream on a sunny day can be linked to science – and in fact, once temperatures reach 18°c apparently we all crave a cold treat.

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The study found that sales of ice lollies, frozen yogurts and ice creams all soar as soon as temperatures reach 18°c or above, and with the UK reaching highs of 29°c over the last few months, sales of frozen treats have sky rocketed.

In fact, one ice cream factory in Gloucestershire reported producing over 3,000 tonnes of ice cream every week to meet demand over the hot summer months!

The fantastic weather hasn’t stopped at increasing ice cream sales, but has also had a positive impact on the UK economy as a whole. Many people decided to opt for a ‘staycation’ this year as opposed to travelling abroad, to make the most of the great weather and save money. This means that cash usually spent in other countries has been put back into UK businesses such as hotels, attractions and travel – which all helps to boost our economy.

Furthermore, weather experts are predicting a September heat wave – proving that summer isn’t over quite yet, despite the return to work and school.

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