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Igloo Hotels

Want to stay in an Igloo? Us too! Although it may not be a firm favourite for a lot of people, there will be some, like us, who are excited by the prospect of something different.

Obviously not much can beat a nice cosy lodge complete with log fire and fluffy blankets, but this is an unusual set up which makes it exciting.

Becoming ever popular, so much so that some ski resorts have even cottoned on.

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The Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Sweden seems to be the first official venue for this, founded in 1989.

Located 200km north of the Arctic Circle with the closest airport being Kiruna.

There are currently 65 rooms available and they report to have around 60,000 guests each winter.

The hotel advises that you only spend one night in the cold rooms, with the rest in warm ones. Whether that be your first or last night.

This is because the temperature in the hotel is between -5 C and -7 C.

They also have an Ice bar on site, as well as saunas, warm cabins and more.

With excursions and tours available every day, you will never be bored. Choose from ice sculpting, dog sledding and skiing. There are also guided tours of the making of the Ice Hotel available.

Iglu-Dorf Hotels

Iglu-dorf as a company have seen how well this industry is progressing and since 1995/96 set up Igloo-Villages based in five different locations around Switzerland.

These include:

With two locations abroad in Zugspitze, Germany and Grandvalira, Andorra.

They have many different igloo choices too, including Standard, Romantic, Family, a Love nest and a Hot igloo.

With fondue and mulled wine available at an additional price, as well as easy access to the slopes, what are you waiting for?


Whitepod are again in Switzerland, at the foot of the Dents-du-Midi mountain range and about 45minutes away from Montreux but facing ski resort Villars.

Being able to wake up and just go across to the lift pass ready to hit the slopes is a massive feature for these pods.

Included in all prices, is access to the sauna area, wifi, parking and equipment hire. As well as many other activities available at an additional cost.

Open since 2004, it is the newest of our three choices, with a focus on being green and sustainable – including recycling waste and control of energy/water usage.

The idea of the Pods is/are that they have been designed to combine ecology as well as luxury and they have certainly not disappointed.

Each pod is an individual suite, suitable for a couple, family or just you!

Kitted out with Kingsize beds, Bathrooms and breakfast as standard, The Deluxe pod has added extras such as a coffee machine and a TV, although with all the activities and views you are surrounded by, we can’t see you using that very much.

This winter they have just launched three new extremely deluxe pod suites.


With all of the activities available it can be hard to say no, and why should you have to? You’re on holiday!

Just please ensure you check your policy wording to confirm that you have the correct cover for each activity.

If you are ever in any doubt, just contact us on @Holidaysafe

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