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Important Information for Anyone Heading to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil

In August over 2 million travellers are expected to arrive in Brazil, ready to watch over 10,000 athletes from 206 countries compete for just 306 medals across 28 sports. Unfortunately, the 2016 games have been somewhat overshadowed by problems within Brazil, for example the Zika virus (which is especially concerning for young women). To help anyone travelling to Brazil in 2016, here are our top tips for a drama free trip.


Make sure you do plenty of research before your trip, not just to ensure you get decent accommodation, but also to make sure you get the correct vaccinations. The Fit for Travel NHS website advises Hepatitis A and Tetanus boosters (if your vaccinations are not up to date), plus you should also consider getting Diphtheria, Rabies, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever vaccines. Make an appointment with your GP a few months before your trip to discuss your options.


The following medical conditions cannot be vaccinated against, but you should speak to your GP to ensure you take the correct precautions during your trip;

During your Trip

As well as taking the precautions above, throughout your trip you should be aware that crime levels are high within Brazil’s major cities, and according to the FCO website there is also an underlying threat from terrorism. Make sure you stay alert and take steps to keep yourself and your belongings safe when out and about.

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