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Indulging your Hobbies Abroad

Following recent news that people with hobbies are predominantly happier than people without a regular pastime, one such enthusiast has gained a recent spotlight in the press as someone who has taken his hobby to the next level, and is never happier than when he’s indulging said hobby.

Marcus Gaines loves theme parks, and has travelled the world to indulge his passion and to experience the best rollercoasters the world has to offer. In fact, Mr Gaines has travelled to over 250 parks in 19 countries (more than once), ridden over 1,000 coasters, and has covered over 900 miles on rollercoaster tracks alone.

Mr Gaines is part of a European Rollercoaster club, which is a group for enthusiasts who can share their passion for rides and update each other on new developments and must visit parks. It was after joining the group in his 20s that Gaines’ tally started to rise dramatically.

In his quest to conquer the best rides, Mr Gaines has visited;

• Austria

• Belgium

• Canada

• China

• Denmark

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Italy

• Spain

To name just a few!

If you have a hobby which you want to take to the next level, or perhaps a passion which you want to indulge in another country where it is also popular, why not take the leap this summer. At Holidaysafe, we have a range of travel insurance policies which will cover over 100 sports, activities and hobbies free of charge, plus cover for equipment, cancellation and activity venues.

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