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Inter Railing in Eastern Europe and Travelling World Wide


What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Hannah and I am a student.


Where have you been?

Ghana, America, and inter-railing around Eastern Europe.


How old were you when you first went travelling?



What made you decide to take the leap and go travelling?

I had always wanted to see a bit more of the world and when holiday plans fell through my friend invited me with her on her trip to Ghana and I said yes!!


What did you plan to do during your trip?

On all of my trips, I aim to see and experience a different culture, meet new people and have a brilliant all round experience.


What is the longest you have been away?

3 months


How did you plan your trip?

With a student company who helped me find employment and showed me the possibilities of where I could travel after my placement. They made things a lot easier as they help people like me every year.


What kind of traveler really annoys you?

Typical tourists that take photos of absolutely everything even if they don’t know what it is. I prefer to get a feel of the place and the people.


Have you had any encounters with officials whilst abroad?

I had a bit of an issue returning to the USA when I did a weekend trip to Canada because, stupidly enough, I left half my J-20 (working visa) at my friend’s house. Luckily, the man was very nice and understood my situation and let me back through!


Did you return home during your trip?

No, in fact I extended my inter-railing trip!


What have been the highlights of your trips?

That is very difficult to say. Most recently, it would have to be an amazing BBQ with two South African friends and two Americans at a campsite near the center of Rome.


Were there any low points during your time away from home? If so what were they?

I missed home when in America. It was change day at camp, (where you say goodbye to a set of campers and get a new lot,) and my family were all together at a big party back in the UK. So that was a hard day.


Did you work or study during your trip?

I worked in America.


How easy was it to find jobs? Did you enjoy them?

I used a company to find my placement at Camp America, so it wasn’t difficult and it was my favorite job to date. An incredible experience.


Is there anywhere you would recommend everyone visit?

Not one in particular because I think everyone enjoys different things, but I would recommend that everyone travels – you learn so much.


What one piece of advice would you give anyone planning to go travelling?



Would you recommend travelling solo or in a group?

I think it depends on the type of person you are. I find that travelling with someone is helpful because you bring different things to the table, for example, a different language or an interest in something particular. If you travel alone, I would recommend going with a company.

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