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Is Thailand Dangerous?

According to a new book by Australian author and journalist John Stapleton, Thailand is one of the most dangerous destinations for tourists in the world. The book, entitled ‘Thailand: Deadly Destination’, attempts to lift the veil on the popular tourist destination, and expose the true dangers which exist there.

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Every year thousands of tourists flock to Thailand from all over the world, looking to enjoy beautiful beaches, great night life, historic sites and the welcoming culture. However, Stapleton is now trying to warn tourists, claiming that the rapid growth in tourism over recent years has spawned a ‘hatred’ for foreigners among locals, which can bread violence and danger.

According to official figures released by the Government, there were over 360 British deaths in Thailand from 1st April 2013 – 1st April 2014, and nearly 270 hospitalisations. Although this does represent a slight drop from the 2012-2013 figures, Stapleton argues that deaths and incidents aren’t being properly recorded, so the figures are not realistically representing the true problem.

Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) consider most of Thailand to be safe for tourists, with only very small areas bordering Cambodia and Malaysia marked as unsafe.
This damning book follows news that officials in Thailand have decided to ban infamous beach parties, for all bars and clubs but one (which was deemed safe enough to continue).

The Government is hoping this will help to protect tourists from violence, and stop them from inadvertently placing themselves at a party far from the authorities if something was to go wrong.
If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, just remember to read the advice of the FCO first, to ensure you keep yourself safe and avoid a holiday disaster.

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