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Is this the Ultimate Family Road Trip?

By the age of four most children haven’t stepped foot outside the UK, however one family decided to give their four year old a unique holiday experience, by travelling to over 40 European countries, covering 17,000 miles, on a motorcycle.

Young female in motorcycle trip

Photographer Mihai Barbu and his girlfriend Ona decided to spend their summer travelling around Europe with their son Vladimir. Instead of booking place tickets, they completed the entire journey riding a motorcycle and sidecar, which they nicknamed ‘Zair’.
The holiday lasted four months, and took the family from their home in Romania over 17,000 miles through places like Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Montenegro, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Austria – to name just a few of the 41 countries on their impressive itinerary.
You may think that a trip like this would be extremely expensive, but the family kept costs down by camping most evenings, instead of spending money on expensive hotels. The main costs were petrol, ferries, food and the cost of attractions.
As a photographer, Mr Barbu captured some amazing moments on the trip, one of the most impressive being an approaching sandstorm in the Sahara desert – proving that every trip has its unexpected complications.
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