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Is your Passport at Risk?

A passport is not simply a little book which you produce at the airport once a year, it is actually a golden ticket which allows you to travel the globe, announces your nationality, and should ensure you safe passage to your chosen destination and home again.However, according to recent research by criminologists, our passports are seriously at risk of theft abroad, and the problem is only getting worse.

European Passport

According to official statistics in the Foreign Commonwealth Office’s ‘British Behaviour Abroad report’, there were over 28,000 reports of lost or stolen passports and travel documents between 2011 and 2012. This is an increase of over 2,000 complaints from the previous 2010/2011 period.
Based solely on the number of passports stolen, the most dangerous destinations for your passport are apparently;
. Spain

. Italy

. France
However, based on the number of tourists vs. the number of thefts, you actually need to be more careful in;
. Australia

. Mexico

. Portugal
To make sure your passport is fully protected abroad, there are certain things you can do;
• If you leave your passport in your accommodation, always leave it in a locked safe, or somewhere secure.
• Do not carry your passport in your back pocket or in a backpack, always use a fanny pack or breast pocket instead.
• Do not hand your passport over to anyone, especially not to a hospital or clinic.
• Make sure you photocopy your passport and keep the copy in a separate location to the original. If it is lost or stolen, this should help you to get a new one.

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