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Jet Lag Hacks by the Experts

Jet lag can easily ruin the first few days of any long haul trip, leaving you feeling tired, groggy and generally not up for much. However, there are things you can do to try and prevent and limit the effects of jet lag, as London-based expert (and founder of Sleep School) Dr Guy Meadows recently explained to the Daily Mail.


Jet lag occurs when you travel quickly across two time zones or more (and especially when travelling eastwards), making your internal body clock totally confused compared to the local time. According to Dr Meadows adjusting your internal body clock, by going to bed earlier or later before you travel, could help limit the effects of jet lag when you arrive. For example,

He suggests going to bed an hour earlier or later each night in the run up to your trip, until you are nearing local time at your chosen destination. By getting your body into this rhythm before you arrive, the effects of jet lag should be minimal. Also, if you’ll be arriving in your destination in the afternoon or evening, try to avoid sleeping on the flight to ensure you sleep that night.

Furthermore, to keep anxiety and stress to a minimum (two things which don’t help jet lag), he recommends some simple things like staying hydrated, eating healthy foods, doing some exercise at the airport and during the flight, plus wearing comfortable clothing.

In summary, Dr Meadows top jet lag busting life hacks include;

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Eat healthy food options
  3. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption
  4. Do regular exercise
  5. Wear comfortable clothing
  6. Don’t sleep by default, adjust to local time
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