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Keep Active during the Winter Months

Staying active and fit during the winter months is challenging. Getting adequate exercise when there are piles of snow on the ground can make exercising feel impossible. Never fear! There are many ways that you can get physical activity in the cold winter months.

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Skiing is the most popular winter sport. There are many different ways to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, from skiing at resorts to exploring the backcountry. Resort skiing is generally very safe, in part because of the efforts of the ski patrol and the snow groomers.

Cross-country skiing

Is a different sport, in that it more closely resembles jogging or hiking. It is an excellent aerobic activity and a way to explore the wilderness in winter.

Ice Climbing and Winter Mountaineering

Ice climbing is a jaw-dropping sport to witness for the first time. Holding an ice axe in each hand, and with crampons strapped to their feet, climbers can ascend vertical frozen waterfalls. Ice climbing is popular in places like Canada, Wyoming, Colorado and New England, and also a necessary skill for climbing in higher ranges such as in Alaska and the Himalayas.

Winter mountaineering

An excellent way to challenge yourself and experience the mountains in a completely different way than in summer. Winter mountaineering poses additional risks from cold and avalanches.


Snowshoeing has grown greatly in popularity over the last decade, especially with the introduction of lighter snowshoes. It can be pursued in the context of winter hiking, or, for some, as a racing activity on smaller, lighter snowshoes. It’s easy and requires no special training or gear beyond good boots. For those hiking on gentle terrain, insulated snow boots such as Sorels are a great choice; those hiking steeper terrain will prefer a good hiking boot.

Winter Camping

Though it does require specialized gear, when properly planned, a winter camping trip can be a wonderful experience. An added bonus is that winter campers are not bothered by mosquitoes and other annoyances. For winter camping, a four season tent which can handle heavier snow and wind is needed; a sleeping bag for winter camping should be rated to at least zero degrees.
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