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Now whether you have kids, or are a big kid yourself, Lapland is the ultimate Christmas destination! Picture being all wrapped up warm, seeing reindeer and obviously meeting the big man himself.

reindeer, snow, lapland
Just look at that face!

Getting there:

Situated in Finland’s northernmost region, the flight is just 3 hours and 20 minutes from London and is a relatively short trip to keep the kids entertained.

See our previous post about travelling with kids for some top tips!

Many tour operators will prepare inclusive deals with flights, accommodation and trips to see Santa, which saves a lot of time for you (especially as your to do list grows this close to Christmas).

What to do when you get there:

Santa Village – obviously, this is the main event! With Reindeer, Snowman World and even a Husky park (we’re sold).

husky, sledge, snow

There is so much to do within the village!

Recommended Itinerary -we like to be organised!

We polled Holidaysafe HQ and decided that we would start the day by having a wander round to get our bearings after breakfast. Then head over to Santa Park and explore, before going on safari.

Next up we would go for a Husky sleigh ride, followed by lunch at one of the restaurants available.

Then we would head to have a go on the snowmobiles before dinner and bed.

Next day starts the same, taking some pictures to commemorate our experience, before visiting Christmas House to meet Santa.

Santa, sleigh, reindeer

Lunch at the ice restaurant, and some slide fun before a Reindeer sleigh ride.

Off to the post office to make sure we don’t forget to send our letter, as we don’t want Santa forgetting want we want.

Lastly, time to relax in the Jacuzzi and take stock of what a great trip it’s been.

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