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Last Minute Holiday Deals

According to research by consumer watch dog Which?, many companies pressure travellers into purchasing package holiday ‘deals’ by misinforming and even lying to them.

Which? found that several companies tell holidaymakers that there is a limited sale period and then the price will rise, or that there are only a few holidays left. This makes people feel pressured and leads to panic buying.

However, after Which? investigated, they revealed that very often the price of the package holiday did not rise and in fact sometimes the prices were even reduced further. Furthermore, the number of holidays left to purchase did not fall, and was just listed to pressure customers.

If you are thinking about purchasing a package holiday this summer, make sure you shop around and research the best prices and destinations, do not feel pressured into making a snap decision which you might regret. Make sure you look into the resorts and areas on offer, to make sure they are suitable for the holiday you want – for example if you have children is there a beach nearby? Is it a quiet area where you won’t be kept up by the noise of bars and clubs all night?

Once you have your holiday plans sorted, make sure you invest in quality travel insurance before you travel. Without travel insurance you leave yourself vulnerable to expensive bills if you need medical assistance or if you lose your possessions abroad. offer award winning travel insurance to suit any holiday and budget.

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