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Life after College

There is nothing more nerve wracking and gut wrenching than collecting exam results, as months of hard work and revision seems to culminate in one awful moment. The mix of emotions is almost unbearable, and the spectrum of unhappy students crying in the corner, and happy people celebrating, makes the experience even worse.

Student Insurance

Yesterday thousands of students round the UK received their A Level results, and the entire Holidaysafe team would just like to say massive congratulations to all A Level students for their grades and hard work.
After receiving your grades many people find it difficult to decide what to do next, so much time is spent on revision and course work that the next step can feel out of reach and too far away to really worry about. Furthermore, once you receive your grades you may decide that your previous plans are no longer available to you, or that you’ve changed your mind. You may realise that you actually want a break from education before you start university, or that you want to take a different path to your friends.
Travelling is a great way to boost your CV, take a career or education break, figure out what you want to do in your future, and grow as a person as you collect friends and experiences around the world.
Some options to consider may be…
Volunteering – volunteering is a fantastic way to help others, improve your CV, and gain life experience. If you’re considering a career teaching or mentoring young people, then think about volunteering for a summer school programme, or teaching underprivileged kids.
Internships – internships are a great way to have a taste test of your chosen career path, whether you want to work in a high powered office environment or in agriculture.
Exploring – if you’re more interested in having an adventure to find yourself and collect experiences, then consider a year studying or working abroad. This will still give you time to travel between destinations and meet new people.
If you’re considering a backpacking or Longstay adventure following your A Level results, visit for tips and advice on how to plan your trip, and for information about quality and affordable travel insurance.

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