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London Named Most Attractive City in the World

For most Brits the lack of sunshine and ample supply of rain means that we love to travel in search of sunnier climates and beautiful travel destinations. City trips and tours are especially popular, as we wow at sky scrapers, wonder around the attractions and marvel at the food and culture available.

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However, in our search of amazing travel destinations, it seems that we have been massively overlooking our own Capital. For the first time, London has been named the most attractive city in the world, beating top destinations like New York and Paris.

The yearly survey is conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and compares things like liveability, costs, ease of business, health and safety, transport, culture and demographics to rank 30 cities from around the World.

Although Paris was named ‘intellectual and innovation capital’ and Sydney beat us for ‘liveability and demographics’, London was named number one overall in the ‘attractiveness’ survey.

The top five cities included;

The results of this survey show how highly London is regarded, and should hopefully make us all stop and look for the beauty in our Capital City, by wondering the historic streets, appreciating the mix of old and new architecture, and visiting our most popular attractions – instead of running past them to get to the tube.

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