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Lonely Planet Reveal the World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon should be a once in a lifetime trip and something you’ll always remember, which can make it a difficult trip to plan. To help anyone planning their honeymoon, Lonely Planet has released a step by step guide, including top destinations, a timeline, plus tips and advice.

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Honeymoon Planning Timeline

• 12 months before – start daydreaming and researching
• 9 months before – fix your budget and compare against your wish list
• 6 months before – fix your travel dates
• 4 months before – start booking!
• 2 months before – asking for honeymoon contributions? Set up a registry now
• 1 month before – cement your itinerary and look for any upcoming events or activities you could fit in.

Top Honeymoon Planning Tips and Advice

Planning a holiday for two people who may have completely different ideas about what constitutes the perfect trip can be extremely difficult. You may be day dreaming about a beach paradise, while your partner is thinking about a bustling city experience.

Lonely Planet suggests the magic couple buzz word – compromise. Instead of one of you completely sacrificing what they want, try to mix and match your ideas so you both get what you want. For example, try to find a destination which offers a bit of everything, or if your flight involves a stopover, could you extend that by a few days and spend time in the city before heading to your final beach destination?

There is always a way to compromise on any trip, and ensure the ‘honeymoon period’ isn’t over before you’ve even reach your destination. The most important thing is that you’re together, the trip is well planned and you’re both happy with the itinerary.

Source: The Honeymoon Handbook, © 2017 Lonely Planet

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