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Luxury over Substance?

According to an article in the Evening Standard Newspaper, we no longer pick luxury over substance when choosing a holiday.

Apparently, there is a new breed of bargain hunting traveller that is looking for more than just the monotony of lying on the beach or by the pool getting a suntan. They no longer want to settle for luxury holidays which, more often than not, do not measure up in reality. Instead, these holidaymakers want to find a unique, almost ‘money can’t buy’ experience whilst abroad, they want to soak up the culture and atmosphere of the places they visit.

Furthermore, as the economic climate continues to decline, hard working Brits will become more stressed and more cautious as to how they spend their hard earned wages.

The forecast is, therefore, that in order to relieve their stress and forget their worries for a short space of time, holiday makers will want to visit a place where they can be totally absorbed into another world and culture, (and know that the privilege hasn’t cost the earth).

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