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Lying in the sun this summer could seriously damage your wealth

Dishonest holidaymakers were given a stark warning by the ABI. This summer, anyone caught cheating on their travel insurance will face higher insurance costs, problems in obtaining other insurances, more expensive credit, and possible prosecution. Last year, travel insurers detected 4,300 dishonest travel insurance claims – over 80 every week – worth £5 million.


Insurers and overseas police forces are becoming more vigilant, and are determined to crack down on the cheats. Details of fraudulent claims are kept on industry-wide databases used by insurers, and other financial institutions, and they may increase the cost of other insurances such as motor and household, as well as impacting on an individual’s credit rating.

Potentially suspicious claims include the last minute loss, where items are reported lost or stolen to the insurer very shortly before returning home, with no time to report the loss to the police, and claims for high value items, such as cameras, jewellery and camcorders, where there is a lack of proof of the loss or theft.

Nick Starling, the ABI’s Director of General Insurance and Health, said:

“Travel insurance is there to cover you if things go wrong, not to pay for the cost of your holiday. The vast majority of claimants are honest, but the dishonest few are in for a nasty and expensive shock this summer. Details of fraudulent claims are held on industry databases, which will impact on the cost and availability of other types of insurance, such as motor and household, and affect an individual’s credit rating.”
Some of the more unusual travel insurance frauds exposed in the past include:, providers of travel insurance for single trips, annual multi-trips and backpackers travel insurance comments:

As always the few spoil it for the many. Those that are manipulating the system and making fraudulent claims are increasing the costs of travel insurance for everyone. Whilst we do everything we can to provide reasonably priced travel insurance with great cover levels, pricing is effected, as are all travel insurers, by those making fraudulent claims.

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Source: Association of British Insurers August 2009

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