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Mail on Sunday: British Tourists Denied Free Care by Spanish Hospitals

Yesterday the Mail on Sunday printed an article entitled ‘British tourists pushed to claim on travel cover as they are denied free care by Spanish hospitals’. Holidaysafe’s Brand Manager was delighted to feature, and provide expert comments for the article, giving advice on EHICs, travel insurance and seeking medical treatment in Spain.

If you are planning to travel to Spain this year, here is her advice;

“Holidaymakers in Spain should be aware that a growing number of Spanish hospitals are ignoring the EHIC, claiming medical treatment will only be administered if the patient has bought a travel insurance policy. In some cases, the treatment being offered is not appropriate for their medical condition, which could be a minor injury, so claims are being inflated.”

“Travellers who are relying solely on the EHIC to cover their holiday are also finding that the EHIC is not accepted as a form of payment for medical treatment even in State run hospitals, adding further distress when they are presented with a hefty bill from the hospital, which many can’t afford and don’t have the means to pay.”

“We would advise anyone travelling in the region to make sure they have a travel insurance policy suitable for their needs before travelling. The EHIC should be seen always as a safety net but not a comprehensive policy. The real test of any travel insurance policy comes at the claims stage, when something goes wrong and the customer needs someone to fight their corner and give proper advice. Always look to use a specialist insurer or broker if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.”

You can read the article here:

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