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Make a Travel Resolution this New Year

Every year millions of us make resolutions which we vow to keep and implement during the New Year, these New Year’s resolutions could involve anything, from fitness, finance, career, DIY or simply to spend more time with loved ones.

However, according to recent research by LA Fitness, Brits are adding a new category to their resolutions; travel. The survey, which asked people what their resolutions were going to be for 2013, found that nearly a quarter of Britons are planning to go travelling or to travel more in 2013.

This popular choice is extremely interesting, especially considering the recent and current financial climate. It seems that instead of being careful with expenditure, Brits have decided to escape the stresses of normal life and ‘seize the day’ in 2013, by ticking some travel items off of their to do or bucket lists.

To help these adventurers, we have put together our top 10 must visit destinations for 2013. Some have been recommended especially for the coming year, and others are places everyone should visit at least once;

. Ecuador

. India

. New Zealand

. Norway

. Slovakia

. Sri Lanka

. Thailand

. The Caribbean

. The Dominican Republic

. Turkey

Just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before you depart for your trip. Whether you’re planning a backpacking adventure, a ski holiday, a cruise or even just a single trip, we have quality and affordable travel insurance to suit any trip and budget.

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