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Make sure you have travel insurance

Many people deeply regret not taking out travel insurance, thinking their credit card accident cover, home insurance, or private health cover is sufficient, In the event that an emergency abroad occurs.
This can be very expensive, for example in the USA the cost of an air ambulance could start from £35-45,000,In Australia a scheduled flight, strstcher and doctor escort can cost between £15-20,000.

So when buying travel insurance here are a few things you should look for:

  • Medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness abroad.
  • 24 hour emergency service and assistance.
  • Personal liability cover in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property
  • Lost and stolen possessions cover.
  • Cancellation and curtailment (cutting short your trip) cover.
  • Extra cover for activities that are commonly excluded from standard policies, such as jet skiing
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    If your luggage is lost do not rely on compensation from an airline . by law, airlines only have to pay a specified minimum value per kilo of lost luggage.

    Remember your EHIC card if you are visiting countries in the EEA,If you have an accident or suddenly become ill you’ll receive the necessary state-provided medical healthcare for at reduced cost, or sometimes free.
    EHIC does NOT mean you’re insured!
    You will still need appropriate insurance to ensure you are fully covered for all eventualities.

    You still need sufficient travel insurance to cover healthcare costs.

    Many people think an EHIC will be enough and don’t take out insurance. They regret this when they have to pay thousands of pounds for an air ambulance back to the UK or pay out for extra accommodation to stay with a sick relative.

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