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Mathematical Formula for the Perfect Family Holiday Revealed

Trying to plan a family holiday can be a complete nightmare, but now FloridaTix have teamed up with psychologist Dr Holmes to develop a mathematical formula for the perfect family break. The results were extremely interesting, and involved time apart and less technology.

Family at the beach

The formula was developed after 2,000 UK families were surveyed about their holiday preferences, focusing on seven factors, including life experience, quality family interaction, activities, accommodation, weather, technology freedom and overall cost.
The survey found that the three most important factors to families were cost, destination and activities. Interestingly, only 5% thought that the actual time spent together was the most important family holiday factor.
According to their findings, the perfect family holiday should keep technology to a minimum, and the trip itinerary should include 70% quality family time. By planning activities or time together and ditching the gadgets, families should achieve happy memories on their next trip instead of losing each other to tiny screens.
Dr Holmes thinks this model should now be followed by all parents, not just to ensure family unity and quality memories, but also to set a positive example for the next generation of families who are becoming more and more dependent on technology.
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