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Maximoon: The Rise of the Supersized Honeymoons

With the overwhelming competition for jobs plus the difficulty in getting on the property ladder, it’s no wonder that so many millennials are forced to abandon their dreams of a gap year adventure to pursue more ‘grown up’ pursuits in their early twenties. However, there is still a way you could get that once in a life time trip – plan a maximoon.


Kath and James, both in their mid-thirties, decided to do just that, and three weeks after their wedding embarked on a year-long adventure, covering over 55,000 miles and visiting New Zealand, Singapore, Panamore and many more amazing destinations.

The couple’s trip, which involved swimming with Manatees in Belize, hunting for Mayan Ruins, white water rafting in Cost Rica and climbing volcanoes in Nicaragua, cost the couple £30,000, however some of the cost was covered by friends and relatives as part of wedding gifts, meaning that the couple saved a lot on key experiences.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Kath listed her key tips for planning a maximoon as;

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