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Medical Direction in Majorca

I have just returned from a trip to Majorca where I needed some medical treatment.

The wording on my Travel Insurance over 65 policy says that my policy excess would not apply if I used my EHIC card at a state hospital or with a state registered doctor.

Before I travelled I got a new EHIC card as my first one had only been valid for three years and had run out two months before I was due to travel.
Unfortunately there appears to be something going on over there as, when I felt unwell, I asked the holiday rep what I should do and she sent me to a private clinic who kept me in overnight.

This meant I would now have to pay the policy excess of £100 on my Travel insurance over 65 insurance, as the clinic were not interested in my EHIC card.

I subsequently found out that the state hospital, San Dureta was, in fact, nearer to my hotel than the clinic and had I gone there, I would have been dealt with as an outpatient and not lost a day of my holiday.

Living on a pension the additional £100 I now have to pay means alot to me. My Travel insurance over 65 policy made it clear that I would only save this amount if I went to a state hospital but thanks to the rep, I was sent to a private clinic.

I would advise anyone travelling to Majorca, find out where the state hospital is and, if you feel unwell, get a taxi there yourself.

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