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Men vs. Women – Who Plans your Holidays?

In 21st century Britain, it could be argued that women have become the ‘dominant’ sex, with phrases such as ‘behind every successful man is a good/nagging woman’ and ‘I will have to ask ‘head office i.e. the wife’ coming to mind. Women tend to be the well organised and multitasking force behind most flourishing households and partnerships, and according to a recent study, this does not end at home.

A recent study has found that over half of men have no input into holiday plans and decisions every year, instead the women in their lives take over. The study, which surveyed two thousand people, found that women take control of all aspects of holiday planning and preparation, whether that means researching bargains and deals, or booking flights and accommodation.

The control does not stop here; the survey also found that women prefer to be in control of their household’s spending, meaning that they save the holiday money, convert the currency and control spending whilst on holiday.

43% of women also have complete control of all the passports whilst away; for fear that they will be lost.

Unsurprisingly women also take control when it comes to buying clothes and supplies for the trip, but 14% admitted that they had been accused of spending too much by their partner, and 1/10 women confessed their male counterpart was unhappy with how much they had packed.

The majority of men confessed they were only allowed to be in control of driving abroad, and carrying the suitcases.

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