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Missing Backpacker Found Safe and Well in Harsh Australian Outback

An eighteen year old backpacker who went missing on Tuesday has been found safe and well, albeit sun burnt and dehydrated, in the Australian Outback.

British born traveller Sam Woodhead arrived in Australia around Christmas, and had been working on a farm in the Queensland Outback. He was planning to return home to the UK in October 2013, but now he might cut his trip short.

On Tuesday Mr Woodhead failed to return from a run, nobody knew which direction he had gone and so the authorities were contacted.  A massive man hunt was launched to find him, but because of the harsh wilderness, hope seemed slim as his mother flew out to join the search.

The Outback can be an extremely dangerous place; venomous snakes are a big problem, not to mention dehydration from the searing heat. During his ordeal, temperatures had reached a scorching 40 degrees with little chance of shade or water. In fact, it is reported that Mr Woodhead only survived by drinking contact lens solution and his own urine – a survival skill he learnt as a Bear Grylls fan.

Mr Woodhead was finally spotted by a helicopter, and transported to hospital for tests. Doctors are hopeful that he will make a full recovery, and be able to continue his dream of joining the army later this year.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending, however unfortunately many similar incidents do not end so well. This story should serve as a warning to any backpackers or travellers who venture out alone. As a general precaution try not to go into dangerous or isolated locations alone, always try to carry a mobile phone (with a full charge), plenty of water, a snack, and always let someone know where you are going.

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