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More People are Traveling Abroad to find Work

According to official research, since the recession began there has been a 27% rise in University Graduates finding their first jobs abroad.

Although some are worried that Britain is missing out on these freshly crafted minds, shouldn’t we be happy that our graduates are brave and enlightened enough to venture abroad for long periods?

Realistically, if the UK isn’t offering enough opportunities for graduates, then we should respect them for taking a risk, and getting the practical experience and work they need abroad.

Travelling and working abroad will always help to build essential life and business skills; just taking the leap of travelling alone to live somewhere new can develop great self-confidence. Learning a new language and experiencing another culture are also great life skills, which can translate into business and broaden the mind.

This is not a new occurrence, for years graduates and college leavers have been taking gap years, and extended trips abroad because they could not find work, or were told that they did not have enough ‘life experience’ by interviewers. Travelling is on most bucket lists, so what better excuse to finally go then to get a job and build your CV?

If you’re planning a gap year, or to work abroad for up to 18 months, then just remember to invest in travel insurance from We offer Backpacker and Longstay travel insurance to suit any budget and trip, plus we cover non manual work as standard, with two return trips home allowed free of charge.

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