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Most Forgotten Holiday Items

The majority of travellers have, at one point or another, arrived at the airport or at their holiday destination only to have that horrible moment of realisation – something important has been left behind.

To find out just how common this forgetfulness is amoung travellers, travel money company FairFX polled over 2,000 people to find out if they had ever left anything at home – also noting their age, location and gender, to see if this had any effect on results.
16% of people admitted to forgetting their chargers when they travel abroad, meaning they were soon unable to use their smart phones or computers abroad. This was the most forgotten item, and accounted for a third of all 16-24 year old respondents.
Only 2% of respondents had left home without their passport, but interestingly this was much more common in respondents from London than from anywhere else in the UK.
Although forgetfulness can be linked to growing older, it was actually the youngest age bracket which proved most forgetful, with 16-24 year olds twice as likely to leave an item at home than someone aged over 55.
Furthermore, an overwhelming 73% of over 55s never forget anything when travelling abroad, whereas only 34% of 16-24 year olds had remembered to pack everything every time they went abroad.
Whilst women are normally hailed as the more organised sex, the survey actually found no discernible difference between the forgetfulness of male and female respondents.
The top 10 most forgotten items included;

  1. Charger
  2. Sun cream
  3. Camera
  4. Toiletries
  5. Medication
  6. Flip-flops
  7. Driving license
  8. Currency
  9. Travel insurance
  10. Boarding pass

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