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Most Wanted: Cruising Innovations

Modern day cruise ships are like floating cities, allowing travellers the chance to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and float away in pure luxury. Different cruise lines offer a range of activities and packages; however it seems the one thing all cruise ships are lacking is decent and affordable Wi-Fi access.

Depositphotos_29477963_original recently polled 1,000 cruise passengers, to ask them how their cruising experience could be improved, and almost a whopping 9/10 named free Wi-Fi and email access as the main innovation they would like included.
Many cruise ships do currently offer internet access in certain ‘Wi-Fi hotspots’ however many passengers have reported that the connection can be very poor, and costs can soar up to £20 per hour to log on!
Experts have linked this demand to the falling average age of cruise passengers, as more young families, teenagers and couples are opting for holidays at sea. (In fact, the average age of cruise passengers has dropped from 60 to 55 in the last 10 years, proving a younger trend.) Nowadays, most of us expect to use our smart phones and gadgets at any time, so no Wi-Fi could really damage the appeal for these younger groups.
The research actually follows quite a ‘techy’ trend, as another innovation which scored highly was the installation of flat screen TVs in cabins. Unfortunately cruise passengers drew the line at Royal Caribbean’s new robot barmen, with only 1% interested in seeing them on board their next cruise.
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