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Mother Forced to Pay Thousands to Protect her Daughter against Anaphylactic Shock

Travelling with any medical condition can add a whole new level of stress to a holiday, but this anxiety can be amplified for people who suffer from a potentially fatal allergy to something quite commonly associated with travel, such as peanuts. In these situations you can usually request a nut free flight, and can also ask the cabin crew to make an announcement to passengers, but what do you do if they refuse?

Emergency Epinephrine

Unfortunately, Kathy Miller found herself in this exact situation when she travelled with her daughter from Essex to Finland for a dream Northern Lights trip. Mrs Miller’s daughter Emma, who is aged 17, has a severe allergy to nuts, so much so that even airborne particles could cause Anaphylactic Shock. This means the teenager is forced to carry an EpiPen with her at all times.

Despite their travel agent informing the airline of this deadly allergy three times, the family were horrified to arrive at the airport only to be told that nuts would still be served on the plane. The airline eventually agreed not to sell nuts during the flight but refused to make an announcement to other passengers. Unfortunately the same situation then unfolded on their connecting flight, and the family were forced to disembark the plane when a fellow passenger in the row in front opened a bag of nuts.

Luckily Emma was removed from the plane before she had a reaction, but when the offending passenger was informed of her indiscretion she was mortified, and couldn’t understand why the cabin crew had not informed every one of Emma’s condition. The family were then forced to pay thousands to board a British Airways plane, which guaranteed a nut free environment.

If you suffer from severe allergies, make sure you talk to the airline in advance and check their terms and conditions on providing allergy free zones. You should also make sure you invest in quality travel insurance and declare your medical conditions, just in case you do need treatment during your trip.

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