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Mothering Sunday

If you are taking your mum out for a meal or buying flowers this Sunday 14 March , are you aware of some of the reasons why?

mothering sunday,

Here are some very interesting “Mother’s Day” facts:

Mothers day is also known as Mothering Sunday, or Refreshment Sunday or Mid-Lent Sunday,
Mothers day in the UK is held on the 4th Sunday (which is the middle Sunday) of Lent. (The period of fasting before Easter)

Members of the working classes were often given the weekend off in the middle part of lent to visit their families, which eventually became associated with the bringing of gifts home to their mothers, especially flowers or a fruitcake called a Simnel cake. A simnel cake is a fruit cake with Marzipan on top , usually with 12 balls on top to represent the 12 apostles who betrayed Christ.

Ingredients for Simnel cake:



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