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Motorcycle Travel Adventures

Last night ‘Charley Boorman’s South African Adventure’ started on Channel Five. The four part documentary follows Charley Boorman, who once again sets off to explore on his motorcycle, this time heading for South Africa. The journey, which took six weeks and covered over 6,200 miles, included visits to Cape Town, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

The documentary should interest motorcycle enthusiasts, travel devotees and adventurers alike, as Charley explores the stunning landscapes and learns about the life, history, wildlife and cultures of South Africa. Not only does he visit some beautiful places and meet some amazing people aboard his bike, but he also takes part in some hair raising activities, ranging from abseiling and safari to shark cage diving.

It seems that touring by motorcycle is once again becoming popular in recent years, thanks to documentaries by Billy Connolly, Charley Boorman and his sometime companion Ewan McGregor. Travelling by motorcycle is a great way to travel; it allows you to simply set off in search of adventure, and to really explore a destination.

If you’re planning a motorcycle adventure, just remember that you will need to invest in specialist motorcycle travel insurance before you depart. Many travel insurers limit engine size to 125cc, however the motorcycle enthusiasts at Holidaysafe have created a motorcycle policy especially for biking adventurers. We cover any size bike (as long as you have the correct UK licence), hired and owned bikes, pillion passengers, medical emergencies, apparel and much more.

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