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Motorcycle travel insurance

Motorbike riders see motorcycling as more a way of life than a hobby!

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Those of us with bikes invariably end up abroad on them at some time in our biking lives. Regardless of whether that is a weekend across to France on the Eurotunnel or a more adventurous trip across America, travel insurance that covers you for riding is imperative. Many travel insurance policies will not cover you for riding a motorcycle with a capacity greater than 125cc. Of those that do, they only cover you if you pay an additional premium.

Holidaysafe has a number of staff who are avid motorcycle riders. As a result, we have written all our travel insurance products to include riding any capacity bike for which you are licensed to ride in the UK and at standard prices. As such, someone requiring motorcycle travel insurance for two weeks in Europe could get a policy for as little as £8.01 without cancellation cover or from £9.41 with cancellation cover. For those lucky enough to get abroad on their bikes more frequently, Holidaysafe has a number of biker friendly travel insurance policies starting from only £17.95, which would allow you as many European trips as you like as long as no one trip exceeds 31 days in duration. If it does, have a look at our longstay travel insurance policies which will also cover motorcycle riders travelling abroad on their bikes.

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Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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