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Last week marked the beginning of November and so Movember has begun again. For those who haven’t heard of Movemeber, it is the name given to a month of fund raising and education for men’s health issues, especially Prostrate and Testicular Cancer.

It is called Movember because men are encouraged to grow moustaches for the charity, to help them raise important awareness and funds. Men are stereotypically bad at going to the doctor, or getting medical worries or issues seen to, hence why in the UK statistically women are expected to live four years longer than men! Movember aims to put a fun spin on a horrible subject, to encourage men to come forward and get involved.

There are actually rules in place to help men who want to take part, for example beards and goatees are not allowed, only a ‘standalone’ moustache which must be groomed regularly. Anyone taking part should begin the 1st November with a cleanly shaven face, then must not shave their moustache until 1st December.

The funds raised by Movember participants support a range of innovative programmes, plus research, awareness and to help cancer suffers survive.

The Movember website has some shocking statistics but also some great tips for staying healthy, these include;

. Checking your body for any changes regularly, if you find something new or different, just get it checked out by your doctor.

. Be aware of your family history, if there is a certain risk of you developing a certain condition because of your family history, you can make sure you are regularly tested.

. Be healthy! Eat a balanced diet, avoid stress, stay active, don’t smoke, only drink in moderation and get plenty of sleep. Visit for more information and to get involved.

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