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Nearly 40% want Child Free Airplanes

We have all been there, cueing up at the airport departure gate and you see children running and screaming towards the cue, with their parents lazily walking somewhere behind. You board the flight and hope that this family do not end up sitting anywhere near you. It is an awful way to think, but everyone feels the same way.

We understand that children are children, they do not know airplane etiquette, they cannot help getting bored and restless on a long journey, and there is only so much parents can do to try to calm and soothe their behavior. However it does not stop the annoyance from building as they
scream and kick your seat throughout the entire flight.

Now, new research conducted by TripAdvisor has found that 1/3 of all airplane passengers would be willing to pay extra to fly on a child free plane. The study, which questioned two thousand British travelers, found that children are the single biggest annoyance at the airport and on the actual flight. Over 20% said that a kid kicking the back of their seat was infuriating, and another 20% said the biggest annoyance were parents who do not/cannot control their screaming or unruly children.

Nearly 40% of these people would actually go so far as to pay extra for an adult only flight.
Surprisingly, the second biggest annoyance for travelers was people who are inconsiderate on flights, for example people who recline their seats.

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